My story

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for 5 years and I can say this hasn’t been just a career but a real passion of mine. Since the early beginnings working as an intern for a programmatic advertising start-up, I have developed a genuine interest for all things digital that brought me to develop my career towards performance marketing roles in eCommerce and B2C brands.

Being truly passionate about what I do is not something new to me. Before starting my career in marketing, I was working as a music producer and composer. Music is another great passion of mine which I still pursue although not at a professional level.


My Work

I am an experienced performance marketing manager specialised in paid search & paid social, eCommerce and web analytics. Anything that could generate revenue and growth for online businesses falls under my interest and expertise.

Because of the commitment to my work, I decided to enrol in an MSc in Digital Marketing part-time from a top business school in Ireland. This gave me the chance to keep working full-time while expanding my network and improving my skills at the same time.

Thanks to this and to my work experience, I have developed a valuable and wide set of skills that range from large PPC budget management and marketing strategy to technical skills like data analysis and Javascript.

Work Experience

August 2020 – present



TX Markets is part of the TX Group, the leading media and digital group in Switzerland.

I work as a performance marketing manager for leading brands like,, and, all part of TX Group portfolio.

April 2020 – August 2020

Dublin offered to hire me back on a temporary basis after being laid off from due to COVID-19.

On top of ongoing eCommerce and analytics tasks, I am currently working on three projects:
– SEO audit & restructure
– Product recommendations implementation
– Product carousels tracking and analysis.

May 2019 – April 2020 (1 year)



Walks LLC ( is a world-leading provider of guided tours and experiences across the main tourist destinations in Italy, Europe and the US.

Managing a budget of $2mln per year, I owned all paid acquisition channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo and Pinterest Ads. On top of this, I managed the web analytics function providing C-level stakeholders with key insights into the customer behaviour and website performance.

Achievements & Projects:

Led the implementation of Google Tag Manager, data-layer and Enhanced eCommerce Tracking. With two developers assigned and a two-month timeline, the project delivered a solid and scalable online tracking infrastructure.

Provided the C-level team with live dashboards around customer behaviour analysis, sales and ad campaigns performance.

After bringing paid search in-house, I performed a turnaround which resulted in +24% revenue and +11% ROAS YoY between Nov ‘19 and Feb ’20.

Launched Facebook Dynamic Ads delivering a 7:1 ROAS.
Launched Criteo retargeting ads delivering a 6:1 ROAS.

May 2017 – April 2019 (2 years)



Eason Ltd is the largest books, stationery and toys retailer in Ireland with over 60 shops across the island. Its eCommerce website is an essential part of the business delivering high profits and double-digit YoY growth.

I managed the paid acquisition strategy, from PPC to social ads, to the affiliate program and online partnerships.

Achievements & Projects:

Delivered a 20% eCommerce revenue growth and 27% increase in ROAS (YoY 2018 vs 2017) through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and the Affiliate Program. (Irish Times article)

Launched a new dynamic feed-driven search ads system that automatically writes hundreds of book-specific text ads based on weekly trends.

Launched Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Ads managing a product feed of over 400,000 products.

Managed and grew the online partnership program, working with large partners like Three, SuperValu, Groupon and others.

Mentored and trained a Digital Marketing Assistant who was then promoted to the executive level.

Took part in the omnichannel project and re-platform between July and December 2017. I implemented the full eCommerce and ad tracking via Google Tag Manager, as well as assisted with UI/UX design and testing.

March 2016 – May 2017 (1 year and 3 months)



Arvato is a leading business process outsourcing provider specialised in CRM and financial services.

I was assigned to the Google account working initially as a Google Ads technical support agent and then as a Google Ads campaigns optimiser.

I was given excellent training to be able to quickly respond to and solve customers’ technical issues on several Google properties like Google Search Ads, Google Shopping, Google Display Network, YouTube and Google Analytics.

That is where I learnt everything about PPC and Google Ads. Investigating and solving customers’ queries was the best way to explore and get hands-on experience in all aspects of Google ad products.

I got passionate about PPC very quickly and that helped me achieve great results in terms of customer satisfaction (94%), case resolution time (93% cases resolved within the deadline) and new features customer adoption (always met and often exceed targets).

My strong performance allowed me to move forward to a more operational role where I was optimising Google Ads campaigns for large customers on behalf of Google account managers.

That is where I learnt how to manage large accounts through Excel, Google Ads Editor and Google Sheets integrations. The knowledge and experience gained there gave me the ability to take charge of the PPC strategy of a large eCommerce brand like

October 2015 – February 2016 (5 months)



VideoElephant is a Dublin-based tech startup which sources and aggregates premium video content and licenses it to web publishers and various ad-tech providers operating in the programmatic advertising space.

I was tasked with writing and proofreading video metadata like titles, descriptions and tags.

This was my first job in Dublin and it has been an essential step for my career development. In fact, that is where I got close to the digital marketing and online advertising industry, getting to know the meaning of acronyms and terms like programmatic advertising, RTB, SSP, DSP, exchanges, ad networks and so on.

I also got familiar with the main digital media business models, like revenue share, cost per acquisition, pay per impression, pay per click etc.


Between 2016 and 2018 I studied at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, ranked 26th in Europe and among the top 50 business schools in the world. I got a masters in Digital Marketing, attending evening classes while working full-time.

Given my interest and specialised knowledge of Google Ads, I gave two guest lectures in the digital marketing class introducing Google ad products.

I got a business and marketing bachelor from Parma University in 2012. Modules ranged from business fundamentals like accounting and economics, to marketing-specific classes with a focus on FMGC and grocery retail, the two strongest sectors in Parma, my home town.

After being awarded a €3000-scholarship, I attended a music business post-graduate diploma in 2013-2014 from one of the top business schools in Italy, LUISS Business School. The program also included an internship. I worked for 5 months in a boutique record label specialised in soundtracks, GDM Music.


Other Technical Skills

Advanced Google Analytics, Google Optimize and Google Tag Manager user. I implemented Enhanced eCommerce Tracking, Single Page Apps Tracking, A/B tests and more.

Advanced Google Sheets, Excel and some SQL (used in Walks to query the internal database) for sales and customer behaviour analysis. Currently studying Python.

Advanced Google Data Studio and some experience with Tableau. I created live dashboards that are widely used across the digital teams in Walks and Eason.

Intermediate Javascript that I use for Google Sheets and GTM Scripts and basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

I write blog articles about digital marketing and eCommerce for clients. E.g. The 5 Most Important Google Ads Metrics