My Story

When I started this blog a while ago I just wanted to play with Google Tag Manager and WordPress without breaking my employer’s websites. After publishing a test article about how to use Google Shopping supplemental feeds to boost your PPC revenue, I was unexpectedly tasked to write more about it, for a fee. 

I realised I got my first client.

I was actually shocked by the fact I was found on Google just through that single article, without any advertising or expensive SEO tools. In fact, my background was in PPC and paid media so I had always thought that in order to drive meaningful traffic you had to pay.

When the few hours I put in writing that blog post suddenly returned a recurring profit, I realised I couldn’t be more wrong. I started appreciating how strong the power of SEO and content marketing was, especially for niche industries like mine.

I thought that other companies, like me, could leverage great content and an industry blog to drive tangible business results and revenue.

Today I am a brand-side online marketer by day and an eCommerce blogger and ghostwriter by night.

Giacomo Iotti Jack Plays Music and Works In Digital Marketing in Dublin Ireland

About Me

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Dublin in 2014 where I started working in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

I am now a performance-driven marketer with a strong focus on eCommerce and paid media.

Everything that could generate revenue and growth for online retailers falls under my interest and expertise. From Google Shopping and feed-based advertising, to PPC, Dynamic Display, data analysis and visualization and website tagging, my only objective is to maximise sales performance.

I like to experiment and find more efficient ways to do things and achieve results. This must be the reason why I feel the need to share my findings writing digital marketing articles here or for clients.

As many online marketers I have met, I love music and arts in general. In fact, I feel like the creativity that you put in playing and composing music is ultimately the same you need to succeed in online marketing and business.

Work Experience

Eason Ltd is the largest bookstore in Ireland with over 60 shops around the island. Its eCommerce website is an essential part of the business delivering high profits and double-digit YoY growth.

I am in charge of the paid advertising strategy, from PPC to the affiliate progam and online partners. 

During the time in Eason I have developed a strong interest for online retail and how paid channels can drive revenue and growth.  I found in Google Shopping the strongest revenue driver, which allowed PPC to achieve an over 40% revenue growth since I started in the role. The return on the ad investment has also significantly increased since I started taking full advantage of Google Shopping and feed-based advertising in general. In fact, Dynamic Display Remarketing on Google and Facebook and Feed-Driven Search Ads are also among my deadliest weapons.

In order to always monitor performance, I have created several Google-Sheets-based and Google Data Studio dashboards that are now widely used across the digital team.

A proper tracking of all user actions on has also been essential to make sure my dashboards reported reliable data. An advanced use of Google Tag Manager helped me do just that.

Given the commercial success of our paid advertising strategies, I started to like the idea of writing about it.

Arvato is a leading business process outsourcing provider specialised in CRM and financial services.

I was assigned to the Google account working first as a Google Ads customer support agent and then as a Google Ads campaigns optimiser.

I was given excellent training to be able to quickly respond to and solve customers’ problems on several Google properties like Google Search Ads, Google Shopping, Google Display Network, YouTube and Google Analytics.

That is where I learnt everything about PPC and Google Ads. Listening to and investigating customers’ queries was the best way to explore and get firsthand experience of all aspects of Google Ad Solutions.

I got passionate about this world very quickly and that helped me achieve great results in terms of customer satisfaction (94%), case resolution time (93% cases resolved within the deadline) and new features customer adoption (always met and often exceed targets)

My strong performance allowed me to move forward to a more operational role where I was optimising Google Ads campaigns for large customers on behalf of Google account managers.

That is where I learnt how to manage large accounts through Excel, Google AdWords Editor and Google Spreadsheets integrations. The knowledge and experience gained there made me able to take charge of the overall PPC strategy of a large Irish brand like Easons.

VideoElephant is a Dublin-based tech startup which sources and aggregates premium video content and licenses it to web publishers and various ad tech providers operating in the online video advertising space.

I was tasked with writing and proofreading video metadata like titles, descriptions and tags.

This was my first job in Dublin and it has been as essential step for my career development. In fact, that is where I got close to the digital marketing and online advertising industry, getting to know the meaning of acronyms and terms like programmatic advertising, RTB, SSP, DSP, exchanges, ad networks and so on.

I also got familiar with the main digital media business models, like revenue share, cost per acquisition, pay per impression, pay per click etc


Between 2016 and 2018 I studied at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, ranked 26th in Europe and among top 50 business schools in the world. I got a masters in Digital Marketing, attending evening classes while working full-time.

Given my interest and specialised knowledge of Google Ads, I gave two guest lectures to the digital marketing class introducing Google ad products.

Parma (Italy) is my home town and where everything started.

I got a business and marketing bachelor from Parma University in 2012. Modules ranged from business fundamentals like accounting and economics, to marketing-specific classes with a focus on FMGC and grocery retail, the two strongest sectors in Parma.